Genetic Testing for Hair Loss

Do you feel as though your hair is thinning? Are you self-conscious about unwanted hair loss? Are you looking for a long-term hair restoration plan tailored to your needs?

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No. of Treatments One
Procedure Time Completed during one appointment
Discomfort Level None
Result Genetic test results are delivered a few weeks following the test

What is genetic testing for hair restoration?

As every person experiencing hair loss is different, the underlying cause of their alopecia will also differ. That’s where genetic testing comes in. The TrichoTest by Fagron uses state-of-the-art technology to test your DNA, analysing your genetic pre-disposition to hair loss, as well as your lifestyle factors and medical history.  

The process is simple: a buccal swab is taken from the inside of your mouth, and afterwards, you complete a questionnaire about your lifestyle. These will then be sent to Fagron laboratories, where specially trained technicians will produce a report of the results of your test. This will indicate the best course of treatment for your specific type of alopecia.

What are the benefits of genetic testing?

The TrichoTest will help identify what treatment solutions will be the most effective for you as an individual. The results of the test will provide the basis for a personalised prescription for long-term treatment that will offer the best possible results for hair restoration.

Why choose Dr Raquel?

I am passionate about achieving exceptional, natural-looking results whilst keeping patient safety as a priority. I am committed to ethical aesthetic practice, always putting my patients’ welfare first. I will never recommend a treatment or product that I don’t personally endorse and have an in-depth knowledge about and experience of working with. 

All treatments are tailored to each individual patient and that is why I will take the time to develop the most medically appropriate treatment for you. I will always try to offer you the best price possible, while never sacrificing the quality of care and level of results. I will always be mindful of my patients’ budget, offering honest advice and tailored treatments. 

Ensuring that all patients go home with a positive experience and great, natural-looking results is my primary goal.


We are all unique. This means that treatment plans, the results, downtime and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information I provide is based on the experience I have gained from treating a wide variety of patients, both men and women, of different ages, and is based on an average treatment experience. For more accurate information about how the treatment experience would be for you, please book a one-to-one consultation with me.

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